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Check Your Garage Door Springs

If you want your garage door to last a really long time, make sure your garage door is properly balanced. Rather, that the springs are properly balanced. Unfortunately, the springs on the garage door lose a little bit of strength over time. It’s very important that we add tension to the springs so that your door remains neutrally balanced whenever it needs it. This is something that we try to teach to every single person that we come into contact with. Failure to keep proper balance on your springs is the number one reason we have to replace people’s doors or repair them.

The Single Most Important Piece of Advice

It’s a very simple thing to do: Put your door in manual mode (see video), disconnecting it from the opener from a closed position. The reason we do it from a closed position is so that if your door is not properly balanced and we put it in manual mode from the open position, it might fall down upon itself or fall on a car or somebody. So make sure your door is in a closed position from the opener. Then pull the string and put the door in manual mode and then open the door by hand.

It should be very easy to open. In manual mode, it’s holding itself halfway open. That’s what should happen. If you do this and it doesn’t hold itself halfway open, it’s time to have those springs tightened. Since they lose some strength over time, we typically see that people have to add tension about every three and a half to four years on average. This depends on the kind of springs that you have on your garage door.

Our Owner Dominik Says:

“I recommend you check the springs of your garage door once per year just to stay in the habit of it.”

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